December 4, 2011 Pics from Lock 4: – thanks to Jose Alea for these!

November 19, 2011 pics from the Page Farm:

October 23, 2011 Pics and Video from Fontanel

Thanks to Doug for taking pics on Sunday at CTW #1 at Fontanel!  Click here to check them out.

And thanks to Steve for providing video.  Video from the field barriers…


Sunday Oct 23 Pro/1/2 Photos










Who wants a Cyclocross park in Nashville?

If you want to race cyclocross in Nashville, you need to join this FB group and be a part of making it happen!

If you think it’s high time for Nashville to construct it’s own cyclocross park and draw on the growth of cyclocross and the success of Louisville, KY, please join this group!

I want to see how many members we can get in this group with a long range plan of going to the Mayor with members of the Nashville business community and pitching a proposal to make this happen.

Please invite as many people that you can think of to join this group. And let’s not only limit it to people into cyclocross. If you know of businesses that you think would benefit from having a ‘cross park in Nashville, please let them know as well.

Let’s get this going!!!

Adam Myerson nails it with this piece about ‘cross

And these photos by Chris Hinkle in the actual magazine are just amazing.

2010 CTW Race #1: Super Photos & a Great Video

Some fine photographers our there, and one “man on the inside” video from 2010 CTW Race #1 at Sunnymeade Farms.


Marsha Williams:
Marshall Bassett:
Richard Keller:

Video – provided by Nathan Taylor of Harpeth Bicycles

Facebook group

In case you aren’t following us on facebook, check us out!

We also have another group that’s all about bringing a cyclocross park to Nashville.  Click here to check it out.