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Welcome to Road Less Traveled!  We are one of Nashville’s growing number of cyclocross focused teams!  We absolutely LOVE cylocross and would love to race it year round, but luckily there are long road rides, mountain bike trails abounding, and gravel grinders that divert us away from CX, making us love it all the more.

We’ve lost a couple riders over the last couple of seasons, but if you’re interested in being on a cyclocross-focused team, let us know and we’ll tell you more about ourselves.

Thanks for stopping by and we’ll see you at the races!


We asked everyone to answer the following questions:

#1 – Years racing?

#2 – Category, feel free to include cx, mtb, road, whatever.

#3 – home town

#4 – favorite race or type of race (think more specifically than cx here if
type of race is chosen, i.e. hilly, flat, crits, muddy, etc.  Be as
descriptive as need be on this one.)

#5 – favorite beverage

#6 – favorite type of mud

Here are the answers that we got.  Enjoy!

Graham Gerdemann – resident pro in training

#1 – 2010 is my 2nd year racing
#2 – Cat 5 road, 4 CX, 3 Mtn
#3 – From Dickson, but Nashville’s my home.
#4 – Cross the Way series
#5 – jeez. Favorite bevvy depends on the context. Hard to choose between a fine red wine or a fine high gravity brew.
#6 – the almost completely dried up kind. Packed dirt.

Chandler Perdue – mtber quickly finding his cx addiction

1:  I’ve been racing for 2 years.  3 years if drinking while riding one lap at DSG counts.

2:  I’m Cat 3 mountain biking, Cat 4 for cross, and don’t race road.

3:  Nashvegas is my hometown, despite numerous attempts to leave when I was younger.

4:  My favorite kind of race is endurance mountain biking, because I’m not fast enough for anything else.

5:  My favorite beverage is Left Hand Milk Stout

6:  There is no “best” kind of mud!

Nate Newton – local CX3 phenom

1.  been racing on the road 2 years, been racing cross 8 years? 9 years? something like that.
2.  road – cat 4, cross – cat 3, mtb – rcing dropout
3.  hard to say, moved around a lot.  let’s just say born in chattanooga
4.  on the road, any road race i can try to win with a late cancellara-esque attack to avoid getting smoked in a sprint.  cross, any course with lots of twists and turns to confuse the roadies.
5.  depends.  i’m a fan of yazoo hefeweizen in the warm weather.  when i can find it, avery redpoint.  also really sweet iced tea.
6.  really wet, slick, slimy, thin mud.  really, anything but that spongy peanut butter mud that builds up on my drivetrain and packs an extra ten pounds of weight on my bike in the first lap of a cross race.
Brian Gant – team cowbell
1. First road race around 1992.  Dropped immediately by everyone in the race, including the “fun ride” people that came after the racers.  Mtb started around 1995.  CX – 2007.
2. Cross – CX3, mtb – cat 3, road – cat 4
3. I’m still here!!!  Actually I’m from Rivergate Mall, incorrectly included as Madison, though everyone from Goodlettsville recognizes that it’s actually in Goodlettsville.
4. USGP Louisville.  This is usually the best weekend of racing for the year.  However, I like all ‘cross races.  I also like crits sometimes, though since catting up to the 4s I don’t seem to hang very well.  NEXT YEAR!!!
5. Hmmmm………… the risk of being repetitive, beer – though I mostly drink water all day.  Probably a belgian beer, or belgian style beer, though Yazoo made some Rye Saison last year that was incredible.
6. All mud is good because I am a cyclocross machine.  The only bad mud is NO mud!!!
Eric Boarman – our Kentucky painmaker 
We have no info on Eric since he didn’t respond to our email.  I thought I’d at least include a photo of him though since he does come out to race sometimes.
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